Skip the painful learning that most job seekers go through when struggle to land job offers

The ONLY way to land a job offer is to convince the hiring manager that you’re the person they’re looking for.

There are different ways to get yourself into the position of having the opportunity to convince the hiring manager (applying for an open position, networking, referral, etc), but the skill that matters is the job interview.

It’s when you learn how to master the job interview that the rest fall into place.

All of a sudden it is


no longer so difficult to know which jobs to apply for.


easier to write the application and tailor your resume because you know exactly what to write to grab attention.


networking is less of a struggle because you know how to articulate your value and results so people can better see where and how they can refer you, or where you would fit into their organization.

If you want to shortcut the learning curve and you’re beyond ready to have the near magical ease of landing job offers, there are two ways we can work together:

2 The Career Upgrade



Do you wish that there is a way of knowing if your prepared answers are good enough to get job offers?

Sign up for GET HIRED ACCELERATOR and have your job-landing answers ready in as little as 72 hours*. Personally reviewed and approved by me!

1 The Career Upgrade



Want a partner throughout your job-seeking process? Someone with experience and expertise by your side the entire time? Helping you prepare, practice and debrief so you shorten the time it takes you to land the right next job (not just any job).

Then the INTERVIEW MASTERY is for you!

Hi there, I’m Petra

Petra Pearce Interview Coach The Career Upgrade

Job Interview Coach 

I help ambitious professionals who struggle to land job offers to prepare for the interview the correct way, identify their value and impact, and formulate compelling and crystal clear interview answers so they can land the job with ease and speed.

After more than two decades as a senior HR leader and a hiring manager, I’ve made it my mission to help job seekers like you master the interview by teaching you how to talk about the value you bring to a company in a way that UNDENIABLY confirms to the hiring team that YOU are the person they’re looking for.

Having interviewed and hired 1000’s candidates around the world, I not only know the hiring process inside and out, but I also know what the hiring team is looking for (and how to give them what they want).

And here’s something else I know: even the most talented individual sometimes struggle to land a new job simply because they don’t know how to talk about themselves.

Being good at interviewing is not something that you’re born knowing how to do. It’s a skill you have to learn.

If you are tired of NOT getting job offers despite constantly going on interviews, and you’re beyond ready to start landing the job offers fast – let’s get started!

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