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When you’ve landed that all-important interview, you want to be sure that you’ll walk into that room feeling confident and prepared.

This is where the interview training “Nail The Interview” comes in.

It is a 90-minutes interview preparation session, designed to help you get interview ready. You’ll send your resume and the job description in advance (along with any other information that you believe is useful that I know ahead of our session), so that we can dive right in and use the full 90 minutes to get you ready to nail the interview.

After the interview training session, you’ll be able to walk into the interview with confidence because you’ll now exactly what to answer to common interview questions and how to present yourself in a way that they’ll want to hire you on the spot.

What’s Included in
Nail The Interview


One 90-min coaching session (via video)


One 30-min debrief call after the interview to go over how the meeting went


Customized agenda based on your objectives and needs


Assistance with developing the answers to the most common interview questions


Combination of interview practice, feedback, and coaching

What you’ll walk away with from the interview training


Authentic and impressive answers to the 10 most common interview questions


Confidence and clarity on how to sell yourself in the interview


Addressed concerns you have about interviewing (that may be holding you back from nailing the interview)

Your investment

This is how the booking process works

You are also asked to email your resume and the job description for the job you're interviewing for. Please make sure to send it from the same email address that you put in the booking form. So I can match your email with the right booking form.


Once I have received both the completed Booking Form and your resume + job description, I will review it to ensure I can help you. I will let you know within 8 business hours if I'm able to help you (and if I'm not, I will tell you that too within the same time frame). If I can help you, you'll receive an email with the subject "Confirmation." If I feel that I cannot help you, the email subject will be "Notification."

In my confirmation email to you, you'll receive a link to a scheduling page for you to schedule your session. The email will also include payment instructions, and once you've made the payment, your session will be confirmed.

Scheduled your session and paid the fee? Great! You are all set for your Nail The Interview session! I talk to you soon!

Frequently asked questions

Will this program work for me?

This program is perfect for you who want to improve your interview skills by having strong answers to the common interview questions and have the ability to present yourself in a compelling way (whether it is with a new company or a promotion). The approach you’ll learn in this program works at any level, in any industry and in any location.


This program will not work for you if you are expecting to receive answer templates where all you do is filling in your details (those tactics don’t work in today’s job market). Also, this program is not for you if you expect you don’t have to do any work to improve your interview skills. Like with any skill, you have to practice if you want to get better.

what is the difference between This program and the interview coaching program?

The interview training ‘Nail The Interview’ is designed to get you interview ready for a specific interview, by working through and formulate your answers to common interview questions and for you to practice the answers (and get feedback). It consists of one 90-minute session before the interview and a 30 minute debrief session after you’ve had the interview.


The Interview Coaching program, on the other hand, is a 60-day program where you’ll have me as your dedicated expert and coach alongside you in your job search. We’ll speak every week and have regular email contact in between. I’ll guide you through the entire process and coach you through any roadblocks and speedbumps that may come up along the way.


Not only that. In the Interview Coaching program, you’ll also learn some critical career life skills such as resume writing, goal setting, how to make a strong first impression, answer interview questions and much more. Once you’ve learned these skills, you’ll have them for life.

how quickly can i get started?

Generally, you can schedule your session within 1-2 weeks from purchase. However, if you have an important interview scheduled, contact me via info@thecareerupgrade.com and I’ll make every effort to fit you in before your meeting.

Do you work with people from other countries (outside the U.K)?

Yes! I work with professionals from all over the world.

Do you have a refund policy?

I do not give refunds because the sessions requires 100% of my time, working with you.

That said, if you show up for yourself and do the work during and after our session and you’re still not happy with the results, I will give you an additional coaching session for free. That way, you can be confident you’ll get the return you want for the investment.

Rest assure that I’m conscious that it is a big investment for you, which is why I always ask for you to send me your resume and job description BEFORE you book and pay for your session.


I only accept clients that I KNOW that I can help get the desired results.

What qualifications do you have?

I’ve spent over 20 years working as an HR leader for several Fortune 500 companies (including Citigroup, St Jude Medical (Abbott) and Nokia) as well as companies like Ernst & Young and Kaupthing Bank.


Over the years, I’ve been a trusted business partner to many C-suite executives in several different countries and I’ve coached hundreds of professionals all over the world on topics like interview skills, career change, career development, and much more.


In addition, I’ve worked as a global Head of Talent Acquisition, conducted endless number of interviews, and have been a candidate in many interviews myself.

Still Got Questions?

Send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Nail The Interview.

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