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I got laid off from my job because of Covid, and I was really nervous about the interviews. The last time I had been on an interview was over a decade ago. After getting Petra’s help with my answers, I felt confident I gave good answers. It didn’t take long before I got my first job offer.
I’ve just said yes to a job with great pay and benefits. I can’t thank Petra enough.
– Dawn, HR Generalist, UK

I never had problems getting interviews booked, but I struggled to get past the first round.
I found The Career Upgrades videos on YouTube and liked the way Petra teaches. Because I wasn’t sure if I applied it correctly, I decided to invest in Get Hired Accelerator.
OMG! I’m so glad that I did. Not because I hadn’t applied her teaching correctly, but because her detailed feedback on my answers ARE GOLD! She explained how she perceived me based on my answers, which gave me great insights into how my answers come across. She also gave great recommendations on my resume that I should emphasize more in the interview (and things I should avoid) to be congruent. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest – do it! I really recommend that you let Petra help you with your interview answers, especially if you struggle to get any job offers (like I did)
– Chris, IT Support

Imagine walking into the job interview with answers that YOU KNOW will clearly explain your skills, capabilities and passion for the role!

what would happen?

let me tell you what will happen…


Instead of being afraid that you're giving the wrong answer, you can CONFIDENTLY focus on the conversation.


You'll speak BOLDLY and CONCISELY about yourself without feeling like an imposter (and never having to fear freezing up or talking too much ever again).


You'll start to feel EXCITED instead of nervous when you attend interviews.

And, not only is it possible, but you can achieve it in as little as 72 hours* from now.



Get Hired Accelerator website pic1 The Career Upgrade

Prepare your answers to 11 common interview questions plus 4 job specific questions, share them with me and I’ll personally review your planned answers and send you my written feedback and recommended improvements within 72 hours*


✅ Tell Me About Yourself?

✅ Walk Me Through Your Resume?

✅ What Would You Say Is Your Greatest Achievements?

✅ What Are Your Strengths?

✅ What Are Your Weaknesses?

✅ Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

✅ What Motivates You?

✅ Why Are You Looking for a New Job?

✅ Tell Me About a Mistake That You’ve Made?

✅ Tell Me About a Time When You Dealt with a Tough Challenge?

✅ What Type of Work Environment Do Your Prefer?

…and I’ll also help you with these job-specific questions:

✅ What Do You Know About Our Company?

✅ Why Should We Hire You?

✅ Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You?

✅ Do You Have Any Questions for Us?


When you purchase Get Hired Accelerator, you also get

✅ Training on how to CORRECTLY prepare for your interview (no more guessing if you’re properly prepared)

✅ Worksheets, interview answer examples, and much more

Grab this offer now for $97 (instead of $197)

You can get this NOW at the ACTION-TAKE PRICE of only $97

Save 50% when you purchase this offer and have your job landing interview answers ready in as little as 72 hours* (reviewed and approved by me)

How it works!

Purchase Get Hired Accelerator using the button below for a one-time payment of $97 (instead of $197).

Immediately gain access to a training site containing lessons that gives you detailed instructions on how to formulate the perfect answer to the 11 common interview questions (and the 4 job specific questions). Each question has its own lesson video which enables you to easily find the lesson that you want to watch.


Once you have gone through all the lessons, it’s time to formulate your answers to the interview questions. When you’re happy with your planned answers, you upload the workbook into the assignment section on the training site, and I’ll immediately get prompted that it is time for my review.


You’ll also be asked to answer a few short questions and upload your resume (and the job research template if you want to take advantage of getting my help with preparing for an interview to a specific job). Sending me these, will help me when I review your planned answers.


I’ll review your answers and send you a detailed report on the effectiveness on each of your answer, along with any changes I recommend that you should make to improve you answer. All within 72 hours*.

coding dots The Career Upgrade


Will this program work for me?

This program is for you if your struggle isn’t necessary to land interviews, but to land the job offers.

Why? If you are able to get interviews, you know your application is doing its job, but there is something with the way you present yourself in the interview, that makes the hiring team lose interest.

When you’ve finished the program, you’ll know exactly how to present yourself so that it’s congruent with your application, and so that it’s clear to the hiring team that you’re the one they’re looking for.

Who is this training for?
This is for corporate job seekers.

The skills you’ll learn in this program works on any level, industry, and geography.

Who is this training NOT for?
If you’re looking for a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ template this program is not for you.

Or if you expect that you can speed watch the lessons, half-heartily complete the answer workbook, and expect me to do all the work for you, this program is not for you either.

Standing out in today’s job market requires work, and although I’m showing you HOW to stand out, if you’re not willing to do the work this entails, this program will not help you.

How quickly can I get my answers reviewed?

You get access to the training site immediately after you’ve enrolled.

Once you’ve completed the lessons, written your planned answers, and sent them to me, you will receive my feedback no later than three business days from your submission. This is provided that I’ve received the completed workbook, the completed research template (if you want feedback on the job-specific questions), and your resume.

So what do I mean with business days??‍♀️

I’m in Europe, so I work in the GMT timezone. So, for example, if you are in California and you submit everything to me on a Thursday evening, you can expect my feedback no later than the end of my business day Tuesday, which will be your Tuesday morning.

But what if you are in Asia? ?

If you submit everything to me on a Thursday evening in YOUR timezone, which will mean that I’ll receive it during my workday Thursday, you can expect my feedback no later than the end of business day Monday.

For all time zones:

If you submit your completed workbook, the completed research template (if you want feedback on the job-specific questions), and your resume during a weekend, you can expect my feedback no later than the end of my business day Wednesday.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the digital intellectual property and because reviewing your planned answers requires 100% of my time, I do not offer refunds.

That said, if you show up for yourself and immerse yourself in the training, do the work outlined, show that you’ve applied this in your job search and you’re still not getting results, let me know, and I will help you identify what might be going wrong.

That way, you can be confident you’ll get the return you want from the investment.

What guarantee do you provide?
I wish I could guarantee you a job, but I can’t. There are many factors at play during a job search process that I have no control over.

What I can guarantee, however, is that what I’m teaching you in this program is proven methods. They significantly increase your chances to land the job faster IF you do the work.

What qualifications do you have?
I’ve spent over 20 years working as an HR leader for several Fortune 500 companies (including Citigroup, St Jude Medical (Abbott), and Nokia) as well as companies like Ernst & Young and Kaupthing Bank.

Over the years, I’ve been a trusted partner to many C-suite executives in several different countries, and I’ve coached hundreds of professionals worldwide on topics like interview skills, career change, career development, and much more.

In addition, I’ve worked as a Global Head of Talent Acquisition, conducted an endless number of interviews, and have been a candidate in many interviews myself.

Can't I find this information for free?
If you spend the hours needed and dive deep into books, free courses, talking to many different people, etc., you can certainly collect a lot of information and wisdom that will help you improve your interview skills.

If you then allow yourself to practice, fail, adjust, practice again, you will undoubtedly get better over time.

If that’s what you want to do, then you don’t need this training. What you need is time, perseverance, and patience.

This program is for you who don’t want to spend hours trying to piece-meal all the information together, hoping you get it right. It’s for you who don’t want to treat each interview session as a practice ground, but rather walk in confident that you know exactly what to say to get the job.

This training is for you if you want to ensure that you learn the proper preparation steps, the right way to answer interview questions and who want feedback from an expert that you’ve applied what you’ve learned correctly.

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